Sand Control Systems

netSC2000tm Series XPRtm
Completion Unit

The SC2000 Series XPR completion unit for oil and gas wells provides a clean, sand-free wellbore and the lowest reservoir backpressure for increased production flow and rod-pump longevity. Many operators are not achieving full-production potential because of backpressure on the reservoir caused by sand infill and liquid loading. The XPR completion unit provides a single answer to both problems.


  • Rod lifted gas and oil production and well workovers, solids infill control, and gas well fluid-loading control
  • Cased-hole, perforated-interval-interface, or new drill completions

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The XPR unit incorporates a high-performance, matrix-metaltm reservoir interface. This feature protects against sand infill and liquid loading to enhance production and extend pump life. It also prevents premature rod-pump failure caused by solids production, extending equipment life while preventing nonproductive time (NPT).
  • Unique, rugged, corrosion-resistant, matrix-metal, stainless steel-screen design with standard 100-micron control point results in lower pressure drops for longer service life and higher production flow.
  • Heavy-duty CrossBartm style shroud enhances flow vectoring attenuation of fluids, and flow distribution in perforated cased hole completions.
  • The XPR unit provides cost-effective, easy installation and protects the rod pump from excessive wear—minimizing capital costs to replace failed rod pumps, as well as avoiding NPT.
  • Integrated-pumping-sump increases rod-pump-productivity.
  • System design can accommodate oil or gas wells of any size.


  • On/off tool/torque safety joint