Wellbore Cleanout Chemicals

WF-Sperse I

This field-proven wellbore cleanout agent works by dispersing the paraffin particles rather than by dissolving them. WF-Sperse I is designed for use in water or other aqueous liquids, such as acid, to eliminate the detrimental problems associated with hot oil treatments.

Laboratory tests have shown that WR-Sperse, on a Volume-to-volume basis, is capable of removing more than 50 times more paraffin than a conventional cleaner. The required concentration will vary from 1 percent to 10 percent based on how well paraffin adheres to pipe surfaces and the temperature at which paraffin deposits.

WF-Para Sol

WF-Para Sol is a terpene-based solvent that is an effective replacement for xylene and toluene.
• Traditional standard solvents for dispersion and/or removal of paraffin are xylene and toluene.
• Government regulations in many countries have increased on these solvents due to concerns over flammability, toxicity, biodegradation, and their use in the manufacture of illicit drugs.
• These regulations and environmental concerns have led to evaluation of greener solvents from renewable resources with comparable performance properties.
• An alternative solvent may be green (or environmentally friendly) if it is safer for humans (less volatile, flammable, toxic, etc.) or better for the environment (from a renewable resource, biodegrades after use, low bioaccumulation, etc.). A greater number of favorable attributes makes a greener alternative.
• It is recovered from renewable plant resources, biodegradable, and useful in dissolving paraffins. Terpenes are so qualified that they are used as a point of reference in the development and qualification of new green alternative solvents for dispersion and/or removal of paraffin.

  Xylene Toluene WF-Para SolAdvantage of
WF-Para Sol
Boiling Point 137-140°C 110-111°C 170-180°CLess vapor, resulting in
safer working conditions
Flash Point 25°C 4°C 43°CHigher flash point (less
flammable) means safer
transport and lower cost
Specific Gravity 0.86 0.865 0.86Equivalent specific gravity
means it can be substituted
volume for volume
(Kb) Value*
98 105 70 

* An international, standardized measure of solvent power for a hydrocarbon solvent, and is governed by an ASTM standardized test, ASTM D1133. The result of this test is a scaleless index, usually referred to as the "Kb value". A higher Kb value means the solvent is more aggressive or active in the ability to dissolve certain materials. Mild solvents have low scores in the tens and twenties